Congrats Joe Biden and Karmala Harris! We are still Shouting Louder!

We live in interesting times...

Few will disagree, we are indeed living in interesting times, for most of us, life has become a challenge, from terrorism to the war against terrorism, worldwide and local protests, multiple recessions, racism, greed, police brutality, climate change, the impropriety of our politicians, and now a global pandemic, all in the space of a few years. The news cycles are beating the drum of negativity and discontent with an intensity that seems unbearable.

Ok, so what's the answer?

Do we retreat and hope it will all magically go away? Is this just some horrible phase we are going thru? More and more classes and races of people are feeling the sting of these prophetic times. More and more people are displaced from their comforts and way of life. Many of us are starting to realize, to do nothing is not the answer. What we can do as responsible, law-abiding citizens? Why not be the voice of change and spread a message to the world that in order to survive as a race, we have to live and think differently. We are all familiar with the adage: "If we continue to do the same thing and expect a different outcome, that's the definition of insanity". We didn't start the fire, but to do nothing to put it out, at some point, we become the accelerant. Be the change.

Don't Try This at Home!                                                                                                         A frog in hot water - McGann Family Dental                                                                                                                

If you put a frog in a pot on the stove and fill the pot with room temperature water. The frog will swim around like its a happy interesting place. Slowly add a little heat, the frog doesn't notice. Continue to slowly add a little more heat, the frog will show no significant reaction. If you continue this slow process, the frog will calmly accept its horrible fate without protest. On the other hand, if the frog is immersed in water that is already hot, the protest and attempt to escape will be violent and immediate. I apologize for the horrid visual, but sometimes it is necessary to induce discomfort to realize we have been frogs for a very long time and the water is hot. 

...but it's not too late

The good news is... We are not frogs!. We are strong intelligent, resilient people with voices and passions. God gave us the ability to collectively think, therefore, realize and change our condition. We have the ability to forecast and change the outcomes of eventual trajectories. 

Case in point...

World War II illustrates our resilience, power of collective thought, and tenacity, 1939 marked the start of the second world war. As expansionist Germany conquers much of the world, Allied forces, banded together to defeat Germany and end the war. This was a long and bloody war that lasted 6 years. Many lives were lost, but, through a collective voice, planning and military might, the world was saved from further death and destruction. Today, we are faced with a different set of issues that is on a trajectory that, if continued, will not be good for anyone. Our voice is one of our most powerful weapons against tyranny. and oppression. attempts to give you that voice. By wearing our shirts and accessories, you become a beacon of change for the better we desperately need and deserve in this day and age. Show the world that we don't subscribe to conspiracies or racist views, or practice in divisive or exclusive rhetoric. offers quality t-shirts that send the message with veracity... "We are not Frogs".







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